1. MAKE SURE TO BUFF & CLEAN YOUR NAILS BEFORE APPLYING THE PRESS ON!! We cannot stress this enough!! The press on needs something rough and clean to adhere to after the glue is applied. If you do not buff and clean your nail bed the press on will not stick fully. We provide a buffer and alcohol pad with every order!!
  1. APPLY ENOUGH GLUE, PRESS DOWN FIRMLY & EVENLY!! Ensure to apply a decent amount of glue according to the size of your nail bed. You can also add a small dot to the back of the press on nail. You do not need to rush to put the nail on, it is ok to wait a couple of seconds after applying the glue and then apply the nail. When you are pressing the nail down, ensure to do so evenly (especially for clear nails) and firmly for at least 10 seconds. This takes out possible air bubbles which cause lifting!!
  1. WAIT AT LEAST 1 HOUR BEFORE WASHING YOUR HANDS!! Make sure to let the glue fully dry!! We recommend putting your press ons on as the LAST STEP WHEN GETTING READY!!
  1. WEAR GLOVES WHILE WASHING DISHES!! Press ons usually begin to loosen and lift a week after proper application. Try to wear gloves when washing dishes or cooking!!
  1. FILE UNDERNEATH THE PRESS ON NAIL!! Once again the rougher the surface the better. If you REALLY want your nails to LAST, file underneath the press on and then proceed with the application process. We promise the nail will not go anywhere after doing this step so make sure you want to keep them on for a while.


Disclaimer: Of course every one’s lifestyle is different and some people are more active with their hands. These are press on nails, NOT acrylics!! You will experience a nail come off, however with our detailed application instructions and these tips we guarantee you a longer wear.